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Christmas has become a battleground for Apple and Samsung, each fighting to capture share in an increasingly saturated market.

Christmas Day in the United States is the single greatest day of the year for new device activations. For Apple, in a maturing U.S. smartphone market in which Samsung continues to take share, Christmas has also become a battleground. 

With its stronghold in the United States, Apple iPhone sales during Christmas are nothing short of critical for the company’s continued success. In this report, Flurry evaluates the iPhone 11 launch, from September up through the first week of December.

Today we launched the Flurry Debug Console—a new dashboard to track events for test devices. The Debug Console can help you conduct periodic integration testing to ensure that events are properly mapped and triggered with Flurry.

Flurry recently launched a Data Download feature to make running any analysis outside of the dashboard easy to do. In doing so, we’re able to offer data for export beyond the Event Logs, which this feature replaces. Now you’ll also get session data and a richer set of metadata.

You can now download your mobile application’s raw data in CSV, XML, or JSON formats. The next time you login, it will appear within the Analytics tab under Sessions.

Apple just launched its most expensive smartphones ever in the US, with the iPhone XS base model starting at $999 and the iPhone XS Max topping out at $1,449. To put this into context, some iPhones now cost more than Apple MacBook Pros.


Developers, we’ve heard your feedback, and today, we’re excited to introduce Flurry Push, a free offering from the new Flurry Marketing Suite that will enable you to send targeted messages to re-engage and retain users across Android and iOS. With Flurry Push, you can leverage the power of push notifications to effectively grow your business and drive revenue.


For an industry that’s seen staggering growth and disruption since the launch of the first smartphone, 2017 was the year that mobile app innovation and growth was disrupted. Stalwart industry players held and gained market position, while years-old disruptors struggled to find their footing. Compared to 2016, Flurry measured overall session app activity growth of just 6%. While growth may have stagnated, users continue to diversify their behavior while using mobile applications.  


As smartphone users have diversified their app usage, health & fitness apps have become a vital tool to make our lives healthier. In the last three years, health & fitness app usage grew by over 330%. Users are continuously tracking workouts, signing up for classes, and keeping in touch with their general health. We took a closer look at current trends and opportunities for health & fitness app developers.



Gaming has been a crucial part of the mobile industry since the launch of the App Store in 2008. For seven years in a row, gaming apps have been used more than apps from any other category. Consequently, mobile gaming has truly shaped how we engage on our smartphones today. However, since 2015, gaming sessions have been on the decline. Does that indicate the end of the mobile gaming era?


Throughout the last several months, the Flurry team has held several webinars featuring The New Flurry. Viewers were walked-through the complete functionality of the new portal, including recently released features, and were taught how to find the metrics that are most important to them.

As mentioned before, The Classic Flurry will be retired today, March 27th, and all Flurry functionality will be served by the new Flurry platform.

Check out the video below for a hands-on demo of The New Flurry, taken from one of our previous webinars.

TV’s Content Jumps to “FYIS” (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and SnapChat)


UK app usage has increased by 28% in the last year as Brits turn to their phones for social and professional tasks, according to the latest report from Flurry.

The report looks into mobile app activity in the UK, France and Germany over the last year, as well as global trends, the report draws on Flurry’s expansive global footprint.

More than 940,000 applications, across 2.1 billion devices, in 10 billion sessions a day provide a unique level of detail and breadth for examining app usage patterns.

Key insights from the report include:

By: Toby Vogels (@tobyvogels), Mobile Developer Evangelist

In our latest #KeysToMobileGrowth edition, we talked to Andrew Chen from Uber about how to approach growth. We had another chat with him to discuss current tech & app growth trends. Read on for a mobile growth industry-review.