Mobile Insights

The IDFA is Dead

It’s been about a year since Apple dropped the bombshell that it would deprecate its Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA), aiming to bolster consumer privacy. At the same time, this also severely hamstrings how mobile app developers monetize through advertising. The net result of this has been deep-felt industry grief, and we’re still working through the various stages.

iPhone 12 Outperforms iPhone 12 Pro Max in China

In Apple’s most recent earnings call, they reported 64% of their record-breaking 111.4 billion in revenue came from international markets. After the United States, China is Apple’s second largest smartphone market, which should come as no surprise considering the world’s most populated country is also the world’s largest smartphone market. For this report, we’ll analyze iPhone adoption trends in China over the past several years with an emphasis on 2020’s iPhone 12 series. 

Spiritually Remote: How the Pandemic Disrupted America’s Practice of Faith on Mobile

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, U.S. states issued restrictions on social gatherings, forcing houses of worship across the country to shut down. Religious leaders adapted to these restrictions by bringing worship services and rituals online. As a result, mobile apps and streaming platforms became the primary point of connection for many congregations. In this report, we examine how the pandemic has disrupted the way Americans practice their faith on mobile.

Smartphone Growth Surges in Middle East by 23%

The Middle East is an ethnically and culturally diverse trans-continental region which includes countries in Western Asia, as well as Egypt and Turkey. The most populous countries in the Middle East are Egypt, Iran and Turkey, while Saudi Arabia has the largest area. In this report, we review the smartphone market in the Middle East in order to better understand growth opportunities and consumer preferences in the region.