About Flurry

Helping App Developers Acquire, Retain, and Monetize Audiences

Flurry has been at the forefront of the mobile app industry since launching the world’s first analytics platform for iOS and Android applications in 2008. Since then, mobile app developers worldwide have relied on Flurry Analytics to unlock audience data, usage behavior, and monetization opportunities. Reaching over 2 billion mobile devices every month that transmit over 250 billion sessions, Flurry has unparalleled insights into consumer behavior. This data translates to accelerated revenue and growth for app developers, an improved mobile experience for consumers, and best-in-class advertising opportunities for advertisers and brands looking to reach engaged mobile audiences.

  • Flurry’s fully-scaled, battle-hardened back-end handles terabytes of data every day. Our world-class ingestion, metrics and reporting engines keep up with the world’s largest apps, and all at the same time