Mobile App Attribution Analytics

Mobile app attribution is the art of identifying the source for new app installs. In other words, what paid or organic channels drove your new users? Flurry’s attribution solution helps you analyze and optimize your user acquisition efforts to understand your best performing install channels and campaigns.

Identify Sources of New Users

By combining user analytics with app attribution, you open a world of possibility to understand not only what drove a user to find your app, but also what they do once they use your app. Flurry is an approved partner for AppsFlyer, meaning you can easily integrate your campaign attribution data from AppsFlyer directly into Flurry Analytics.

Optimize User Acquisition

Once you’re measuring the sources for your mobile app installs, you can perform deeper analysis by segmenting these newly acquired users by channel, advertising campaign, or referral source. From there, you can closely monitor the performance of each segment in your app. Now you’ll understand not only the channels that drive new users, but more importantly, the channels that drive loyal or high-value users.

Flurry attribution chart

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