Mobile Audience Insights

Flurry automatically provides you key demographics (Age and Gender), affinities (Interest Category) and geographics (location). We also tell you key technographics including which device model, operating system and app version your users use.

Combining Audience insights with Segments gives you powerful insights to focus on different parts of your audience for a smarter product roadmap, superior user acquisition strategy and more effective monetization strategy.

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Flurry is a valuable day-to-day tool in our business and easy to use! We rely on Flurry to gain valuable insights into our app's users as well as to monetize various ad placements.

Victoria Stevenson, Head of Monetization, Giftloop

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Rendered Ideas

Flurry Analytics provides major insights about our games and helps us optimize our game design. The Reporting API and raw data export features allows us to feed data directly to our custom dashboards and make even more powerful decisions. It's one of the best analytics products for independent game developers like us.

Ramiz Shaikh, Founder & CEO, Rendered Ideas

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Brink Tech, LLC

Flurry’s Funnel Analysis really helped me understand how my users behave and identify specific parts of my apps to improve. In one particular app, Funnels helped me decrease the drop-out rate from 60% to 10%!

...It is all FREE. Can't beat that!

Doncho Popkrastev, CEO, Brink Tech, LLC

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Pic Collage

We often make product decisions based on experiments and data analyses. Flurry allows us to measure and improve the app by providing fast and useful data and results

Angela Ting, Director of Growth and Monetization, PicCollage

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Hi Technologies

Flurry was a turning point in how we understand our user's experience. Flurry's analytics tools were perfect to answer any questions we had.

Samuel Cortez, Developer, Hi Technologies

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One of Flurry’s most useful features is the approximate demographic information. Since we’re not collecting PII, having some estimation for age, gender and geo is very helpful. Also, we like Flurry’s ability to compare Retention day with each other. It’s been helpful when looking at Retention-boosting features to see where the most drastic drop-offs occur. In addition, Flurry service seems to be more stable and reliable than others. And it’s free!

Alex Tarrand, Head of Product Management & Live Operations, MobilityWare

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Flurry is one of the most trusted and continuously evolving analytics platforms. It’s latest addition of Flurry Explorer and real-time data has helped us to boost game performance from day 1.

Guarav Acharekar, Head of Analytics, Games2Win

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Working with Flurry has allowed us to perform regular sanity checks against our in-house data, quickly generate complex visual funnels for new features, and measure retention and session data using highly-reliable filtering to exclude suspicious usage. In particular, Flurry’s new explorer feature has made this even easier by removing the need for pre-computing segmented user groups. We can now do on-the-fly analysis without any computational delays whatsoever.

Samuel Braff, VP of Product Development, textPlus