Flurry Sunsetting: Transitioning plan and next steps

By: The Flurry Team

As Flurry Analytics approaches its scheduled deprecation on March 15, 2024, we are committed to guiding you through the next steps and creating a seamless transition plan to other platforms. 

To achieve the above, we have worked closely with leading providers in product analytics and push notifications to secure special discounts for Flurry customers and ensure you continue to receive top-tier services.

Transition to PostHog, Mixpanel, & GameAnalytics for Product Analytics:

  • PostHog:
    • PostHog revolutionizes product analytics with its open-source platform. It empowers teams with actionable insights, advanced user journey tracking, and full data ownership to innovate and enhance user experiences securely.
    • Recognizing the importance of a smooth transition, PostHog is extending a two-month trial of their paid features with no data usage limits to all Flurry customers. Should you decide to continue with a paid plan, PostHog is offering a 20% discount on monthly plans and a substantial 40% discount on annual plans paid upfront. 
    • To take advantage of this offer, simply sign up for an account at PostHog and email sales@posthog.com, mentioning your Flurry usage. PostHog’s team will handle the rest, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Mixpanel: 
    • Mixpanel stands out as a leader in advanced product analytics, offering deep insights into user behavior and interactions to refine product strategy and user experience
    • As a leader in product analytics, Mixpanel is prepared to work closely with Flurry customers by offering a 10% discount to all enterprise customers. 
    • To take advantage of this offer visit Mixpanel’s page and request a demo.
  • GameAnalytics: 
    • GameAnalytics provides game studios and mobile app developers with a full suite of powerful analytics tools, helping them better understand their users and optimize their entire app portfolio. 
    • To support you, GameAnalytics has offered Flurry customers 50% off the Pro subscription for an entire year. 
    • To claim your discount, simply apply code FLURRY50 at checkout and partner with an analytics provider committed to outstanding legal, privacy, and security standards.

Transition to OneSignal for Push Notifications:

  • OneSignal:
    • OneSignal stands out for its comprehensive, omni-channel messaging solutions, including push notifications, email, SMS, and in-app messaging. 
    • To support you, OneSignal has agreed to provide a 15% discount for the first year to customers transitioning from Flurry.

Next Steps:

Your satisfaction and continued success are paramount to us, and we’re committed to supporting you through this transition. Should you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to the support teams of PostHog, Mixpanel, GameAnalytics, or OneSignal.

Thank you for your trust in Flurry Analytics all these years.