Prepare for Google Play's data disclosure requirements

By Rajwant Pannu, Senior Manager, Software Development Engineering

In May 2021, Google Play announced the new Data safety section, which outlines the data collection, sharing, and security practices that Android developers must disclose in Google Play.

This page will help you complete the requirements for this data disclosure in regards to your usage of the Flurry Analytics SDK. You will find information on whether and how our SDK handles end-user data, including any applicable settings or configurations you can control as the app developer.

We aim to be as transparent as possible in supporting you; however, as the app developer, you are solely responsible for deciding how to respond to Google Play's Data safety section form regarding your app's end-user data collection, sharing, and security practices.

How to use the information on this page

This page lists the end-user data collected by only the latest version (version 13.3.0)of the Flurry Analytics SDK.

If you are using a prior version of the Flurry Analytics SDK, please consider updating to the latest version to ensure your app's disclosures are accurate.

To complete your data disclosure, reference Android's guide about data types to help you determine which data types and purposes best describe the collected data. In your data disclosure, make sure to also account for how your specific app shares and uses the collected data.

Overview of data encryption, data sharing, and data deletion for Flurry Android SDK

Data encryption

For the collected end-user data listed on this page, Flurry encrypts the data in transit using HTTPS.

Data sharing

For the sharing of collected end-user data listed on this page, refer to Flurry Analytics Terms of Service.

Data deletion

Flurry enables developers to delete end-user data in a manner consistent with the functionality of the Flurry services.




Data collected and shared automatically

The Flurry Analytics SDK collects and shares the following data types automatically for analytics, advertising, and fraud prevention purposes.


By default, the Flurry Analytics SDK...

IP address

Collects the IP address to estimate the general location of a device

App lifecycle events

Collects screen views and sessions, background and foreground events, for use in reporting and analysis.

Country code

Collects country code in order to target parameters that are based on this data.

Language code

Collects language code for reporting and analysis.

Time zone

Collects time zone for reporting and analysis.

Platform version

Collects platform version for reporting and analysis.

OS version

Collects OS version for reporting and analysis.

Device Properties

Collects device brand, model, architecture, memory, CPU, Disk, battery, for reporting and analysis

Network Status

Collects wifi/cellular, carrier name, operator, band etc for reporting and analysis.

App Info

Collects app version, app bundle ID, orientation for reporting and analysis


Device Identifiers

Collects Android ID, Installation ID, and Android Ad ID (Android ad ID collection is optional. The ad ID can be reset or deleted by users using ad ID controls in the Android settings menu. As the app developer, you can prevent the collection of ad IDs by updating the app's manifest file.)

Installation ID is generated by the SDK once when the app is initially installed on a device and is reset during app re-installation.


Collects location if location permission for your app is granted by the user. Please make sure your end-user disclosure includes the use-cases consistent with Flurry Analytics SDK and with the Flurry Analytics Terms of Service.


All of the user data collected by Flurry Analytics SDK is encrypted in transit using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.

Data collected and shared depending on your usage

If you are using any optional product features that involve additional data, such as custom events, Standard Events, Performance Metrics, Crash Analytics, etc., be sure to check if those features require additional data disclosures.

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