Emerging Markets

Can Rapid Adoption of Chinese Smartphones in India Continue as Political Tension Grows?

Over the past several years, Chinese smartphone manufacturers have invested heavily in the Indian market. Armed with sizable marketing budgets and quality devices at competitive prices, Chinese OEMs dominated new device sales. However, with newly escalating political tensions between the two countries, Chinese smartphone manufacturers suddenly find themselves facing a boycott of Chinese-made goods.

Where The Developers Are: A Global Footprint of Innovation


Over the past year it’s been a tremendous pleasure to meet and spend time with mobile developers around the globe. Their ideas and projects are incredibly diverse. However, no matter how varied, developers all share a common need to grow usage and retain users. This is particularly important as many developers aim to turn their apps into businesses, typically through a combination of mobile ads and in-app commerce.

In an effort to learn more about our users, we decided to take a look into where developers are actually building apps.