iOS 14 Opt-in Rate: Behind the Numbers

Apple launched one of the most significant privacy policies in the mobile app economy with the release of iOS 14. iOS users are now directly in control over whether or not their behavior can be shared with other apps and third parties. iOS app developers are now required to request permission to track their users beyond the app in use. This change will impact the entire mobile ecosystem and create challenges for personalized advertising and attribution.

iPhone 12 Outperforms iPhone 12 Pro Max in China

In Apple’s most recent earnings call, they reported 64% of their record-breaking 111.4 billion in revenue came from international markets. After the United States, China is Apple’s second largest smartphone market, which should come as no surprise considering the world’s most populated country is also the world’s largest smartphone market. For this report, we’ll analyze iPhone adoption trends in China over the past several years with an emphasis on 2020’s iPhone 12 series. 

Smartphone Growth Surges in Middle East by 23%

The Middle East is an ethnically and culturally diverse trans-continental region which includes countries in Western Asia, as well as Egypt and Turkey. The most populous countries in the Middle East are Egypt, Iran and Turkey, while Saudi Arabia has the largest area. In this report, we review the smartphone market in the Middle East in order to better understand growth opportunities and consumer preferences in the region. 

Flurry 2021 State of Mobile

The global COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we live, learn and work. And as the world appeared to be in chaos, smartphones kept people connected, informed and entertained. For this year’s Flurry State of Mobile, we’ll review the most significant global trends related to smartphone adoption, mobile app category growth, and app usage behavior.