Conversion Funnel Analysis for Mobile Apps

Easily create conversion funnels to measure a series of steps you want your app users to complete, such as making in-app purchases, completing tutorials, or advancing through levels in a game. Most conversion funnels either measure a revenue-generating moment, such as viewing an advertisement or completing a purchase; or lead to deeper engagement, such as creating an account or signing up for an email newsletter list.

Uncover User Behaviors

Conversion funnel analysis helps app developers understand how app users progress through each step. For example:

  • What is the user drop-off along each step?
  • Are there points of friction that can be improved upon?
  • Can any steps be removed, redesigned, or simplified?

Optimize Your Conversion Funnel to Boost Engagement

Once you have measured your conversion funnel, you can hypothesize ways to improve conversion rates from one step to the next. And as you begin to test ways to optimize your funnel, Flurry Analytics will help you easily measure the subsequent lift.

For deeper understanding, slice and dice funnels by user segments, app version and time period. You’ll understand more about interactions with key features, if consumers are using your application the way you intended, and pinpoint if recent improvements to your funnel have impacted key user segments.

For more information, read our blog post on mobile app conversion funnel analysis.

Flurry first session funnel chart

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