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When the coronavirus pandemic hit, U.S. states issued restrictions on social gatherings, forcing houses of worship across the country to shut down. Religious leaders adapted to these restrictions by bringing worship services and rituals online. As a result, mobile apps and streaming platforms became the primary point of connection for many congregations. In this report, we examine how the pandemic has disrupted the way Americans practice their faith on mobile.

Middle East Smartphone Profile

The Middle East is an ethnically and culturally diverse trans-continental region which includes countries in Western Asia, as well as Egypt and Turkey. The most populous countries in the Middle East are Egypt, Iran and Turkey, while Saudi Arabia has the largest area. In this report, we review the smartphone market in the Middle East in order to better understand growth opportunities and consumer preferences in the region. 


When the stay-at-home orders were first introduced in March 2020, few industries were as well equipped for the transition as the technology industry in Silicon Valley. Employees at Google, Apple, Facebook, and hundreds of other tech companies were used to video conferencing and connecting to the office via virtual private networks long before COVID-19 forced other workers to do so.  Fast forward about a year and most technology employees still are working remotely.

Apple iOS 14 App Tracking Transparency FAQ for Developers

Apple will soon implement new privacy protocols that require app users to opt-in to track users across apps and websites owned by other companies. If your app collects data about end users and shares that data with other companies, you must present a tracking authorization prompt. 


With the first Valentine's Day during COVID-19 in the books, we analyzed how Americans used mobile applications this year to celebrate their relationships. In this report, we reveal the top behavioral shifts on Valentine’s Day by analyzing the app categories that saw the largest growth in usage.

Samsung S21 Launch Performance

Samsung recently launched its latest lineup of smartphones, the Galaxy S21 series, which represents the latest smartphone technology from the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer. The Galaxy S21 is the least expensive and smallest (6.2”) smartphone in the lineup starting at $799, followed by Galaxy S21+ with a bigger screen (6.7”) starting at $999 and Galaxy S21 Ultra with the biggest screen (6.8”) starting at $1,199. All smartphones in the lineup are 5G-equipped, just like their predecessors in the Galaxy S20 series. This report evaluates the S21’s first week launch performance.

Mobile App Development Process

Here at Flurry Analytics, we have invested substantial time and resources fine-tuning our app development process, which we are happy to share in this post.

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The global COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we live, learn and work. And as the world appeared to be in chaos, smartphones kept people connected, informed and entertained. For this year’s Flurry State of Mobile, we’ll review the most significant global trends related to smartphone adoption, mobile app category growth, and app usage behavior.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Anchors Apple's iPhone 12 Lineup


You wouldn’t think we were in a depressed economy based on new activations of Apple’s most expensive smartphone, the iPhone 12 Pro Max. In previous years, Apple’s highest-end iPhone XS Max and iPhone 11 Pro Max devices led in sales during the Fall, just after launch, as early adopters flocked to buy them. But these devices were soon overtaken by a following wave of late adopter demand for less expensive iPhone models.

Messaging App Usage Up During Holidays 2020

Christmas and New Year celebrations were dim this year. The resurgence of Coronavirus cases along with travel restrictions and new curfews crushed many Americans’ plans to celebrate the holidays in-person with family and friends. In this report, we look at the remarkable spike in holiday mobile app messaging as many Americans turned to virtual celebrations to cope with restrictions on holiday gatherings.

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December is by far the highest month for new device activations in the United States. Elevated device activations begin around Black Friday, peak on Christmas Day and remain elevated through New Year’s Day. Combined, this forms an extended, appreciable wave of new smartphone activations across the month. In this report, we share how December 2020 smartphone activations fared against the backdrop of slumping retail sales during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

Christmas 2020 Smartphone Activations Down YoY

Christmas day in the United States is the single greatest day for new smartphone activations. And despite supply chain delays caused by COVID-19, Apple launched its iPhone 12 line—complete with four 5G-enabled devices—just in time for the holidays.


2020 has surfaced the importance that technology plays in society. Since the beginning of the pandemic, digital technology has enabled people to work remotely, attend classes, play social games, shop, leverage virtual assistants, and more. All told, the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation by several years and will endure long after the pandemic is over.

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On top of creating an engaging user experience, driving user acquisition, or finding new ways to monetize, the ability to quickly resolve crash incidents is essential for sustaining a positive user experience. 

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While 2020 will mostly be remembered for COVID-19, it was also a year of tremendous resilience. Teachers and schools around the world transitioned from in-class learning to full-time distance learning in a matter of weeks. Workers created home offices and took to meeting on Zoom instead of in conference rooms. People found ways to exercise outside of the gym with apps and peripherals like Peloton. And the mobile industry is poised for meaningful transformation in 2021.