Dads Escape to Smartphones for Fitness and Retail Therapy

By: Flurry

By: Chris Klotzbach, Director at Flurry from Yahoo

Getting your Dad a smartphone for Father’s day this year?  We decided to take a look at what Dads across the globe are doing on their phones.

Dad’s phones are still a personal refuge as the majority of them fall within the Health and Fitness (69%) and Shopping (63%) Flurry Personas.  Rounding out the top five personas is Video Gaming (24%), Education (21%) and Sports Enthusiasts (19%).  This engagement is in contrast to Moms who appear to use their smartphones as a parenting tool. Flurry Insights - Father's Day


Flurry defines Fathers as men 25 - 54 years old who’ve used family and parenting apps.  

Safe to say, the next time you need a new pair of sneakers, wait until you see your dad on his phone.