Hands-On with the New Flurry Reporting API

Tasmin Singh, Mobile Developer Evangelist

Flurry Product Director Karan Rathod led a webinar to walk us through the advantages of the new API, how to create a programatic token to access it, and how to write queries using your a tool of your choice. 

Check out the video below for a hands-on demo of how to get started! We’ve also listed some common questions and links below.

Here are some of the questions we received during the webinar that you may find helpful as well:

Q: Where do I go to set up a programatic token to access the new Reporting API?

A: Learn how to set up the programatic token here.

Q: Can I restrict a programmatic token to access data for specific apps?

A: Yes. If you have admin level access for your account then you can edit data permissions for programatic tokens.

Q: Where can I access the query builder you mentioned in the video?

A: There is one for Analytics and another for Publishing.

Q: Does the EOL of the old Reporting API affect my apps using an older version of the Flurry Analytics SDK?

A: No. There is no need to update the Flurry SDK solely for the purpose of accessing the new API. 

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