Improvements to Flurry Crash for iOS and Android

By Dan Chen, Director of Engineering, Flurry Analytics

Our primary goal at Flurry is to help app developers build better apps for mobile users around the world. And we know firsthand how crashes and errors can negatively impact the user experience. To help our customers manage and respond to crashes, errors, and exceptions, we are pleased to announce a set of upgrades to our current Flurry Crash offering for iOS and Android apps. Using Flurry Crash doesn’t require a separate SDK; it’s built into our lightweight Analytics SDK that can be integrated in about 5 minutes. Here’s what’s new:

  • Upload Mapping Files: Now you can upload your dSYM and Proguard mapping files directly into Flurry. To get the most detailed mapping files, you can find scripts to upload symbol files that can be integrated with your development workflow for iOS and Android apps on Flurry’s Github repository
  • Crash Details: Once you’ve uploaded the mapping files, you’ll get details on every crash, error and exception, including the number of occurrences and the detailed stack trace so you can respond as soon as possible. Crash detail navigation has been simplified to help you quickly investigate the context for every crash.
  • Jira Cloud Integration: Automatically create a ticket the first time a crash occurs by integrating your Jira instance. 

New Flurry Crash Dashboard

For more information on how to implement and use Flurry Crash, please review our documentation here. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments at