Flurry Analytics Unveils New Event Programming for 2017

Chris Klotzbach, Director at Flurry Analytics


Flurry Analytics today announced two upcoming series of events, called Flurry Source Workshop and PizzaBeerMobile. While both events will have global footprints, Flurry Source Workshops are intended to be larger-scale, insights-focused events, with PizzaBeerMobile serving as smaller, developer-centric networking meet-ups. Both events will be a forum to discuss topics relevant to all app developers, such as UX, design, growth and monetization.


Flurry Source Workshops and PizzaBeerMobile meet-ups will provide developers around the world with a deeper understanding of the growth opportunities within their region and global industry trends. The events will also provide a platform for developers to find like minded-individuals and share tips, tricks and how-to’s for building better applications.


After successfully piloting these regionally-focused workshops and meet-ups earlier this year in Paris, Berlin, Taipei and Hong Kong, the global footprint Flurry Source Workshops will be expanded to Bangalore, Sao Paulo and London through the first half of 2017. PizzaBeerMobile will continue periodic events in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, while also expanding to Seattle, Boston, Vancouver, Mexico City and more. This new programming will take the place of the company’s annual event, Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference.

If you’re interested in attending or learning more about Flurry’s upcoming events, please stay tuned to flurrymobile.tumblr.com for details.

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