Check it out: Advancements to Flurry Analytics, Made Just for You

James Kelm, ‎Senior Director of Product Management

You asked for it, and today we’re happy to announce the addition of Crash 2.0 and Revenue Analytics to the Flurry Analytics Suite. At Flurry, we’re laser-focused on creating products that enable you and other developers around the world to build better applications. With the addition of Crash Analytics 2.0 and Revenue Analytics, Flurry Analytics is now the most comprehensive analytics suite available to developers worldwide, at any scale.

Crash Analytics provides developers information about crashes, caught exceptions and logged errors, all in real time. However, Flurry’s Crash Analytics 2.0, goes way beyond your standard reporting. You now have the power to:

  • Compare the health of apps over the last year
  • Survey the health of app collections over the last 24 hours
  • Investigate and dive deep into the specifics of a given issue, including device details and symbolicated stack traces

Revenue Analytics allows you to track In-App Purchase (IAP) Revenue from transactions that occur within your iOS or Android apps. Sure, you can determine if an app is producing revenue, regardless of the currency of the transaction, but why stop there when you can also determine the:

  • Average revenue across all devices and the number of devices making purchases
  • Products that are driving the most revenue
  • Amount of IAP revenue confirmed via Receipt Validation

Want to give both of these advancements a try? You can access these new tools today, by visiting Have any questions? Be sure to give @FlurryMobile a shout on Twitter!