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PicCollage leverages Flurry Analytics to increase revenue

PicCollage is one of the world's leading photo apps with more than 120 million users globally. For their first in-app purchase revenue experiment, the PicCollage team wanted to increase visibility and click-rate of its “Remove Watermark” button. To track the success and status of the experiment, PicCollage relied on Flurry’s event reporting, as well as segmentation and funnel analysis in Flurry Explorer.

Games2Win Leveled-Up Retention Rates

To turn downloads into active users, Games2Win actively works on analyzing and improving game interaction. By utilizing Flurry’s custom events, Games2Win found which actions users perform while playing. After diving deeper into their analytics, the company identified ways to help increase content consumption, and eventually user retention.

How Nextplus Improved App Engagement

Using Flurry Analytics, Nextplus found out that their two largest “churn moments” occur when users fail to acquire a phone number or don’t send a message in their first session. Nextplus deployed Flurry Explorer to better understand these drop-off factors and drive conversion rates for a user's’ first session. By boosting initial engagement, Nextplus also increased long-term user retention.

MobilityWare Boosted DAUs of Their Popular Solitaire Game

For MobiliyWare’s ad-funded game Solitaire, the most important metrics are around engagement: sessions-per-day, session length, games-per-session, and more. To optimize those rates, MobilityWare runs frequent product experiments. The company leverages Flurry analytics to monitor relevant metrics and make data-driven decisions. Through their “Daily Challenge” experiment, MobilityWare significantly increased active user and retention numbers.content consumption, and eventually user retention.

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