The Developer’s Guide to Getting the Most Out of Push Notifications

Don’t risk leaving money on the table or, worse, turning users away with a scattershot approach to push notifications. With proper planning and care, it’s possible for developers to get the most out of this important tool throughout a mobile app’s lifecycle.

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Why Push Notifications Matter

In the battle for mobile user mindshare and the coveted home screen real estate, there are few tools quite as powerful for a developer as the push notification. With the right strategy and execution, push notifications can help boost user engagement and drive revenue.

Well-targeted Push Notifications Groom Users Who Are:

  • Regularly engaged
  • Well-informed about everything the app has to offer
  • Less likely to churn
  • More likely to convert

However, Achieving Excellence in Push is Easier Said Than Done

Send out too few push notifications and they won’t move the needle on meaningful metrics. Send out too many and you’ll irritate loyal customers. Push the wrong kinds of messages at the wrong times and you’ll never get users to re-engage with the app or change their behavior.

The Business Value of Push Notifications

“Push notifications are such a core driver of app usage across News that if we don’t send at least a handful in a day, the analysts will notice that traffic is down sometimes by as much as 50% and ask what is wrong. Our data shows that up to 50% of daily active users are driven by push, so it’s a huge front door.”
-Rory Brunner, News Editorial Operations, Verizon Media

Download the Full Guide to Learn the Following:

  • Setting goals for push notification success
  • Developing a winning push notifications strategy
  • Designing effective push campaigns
  • Writing and designing relevant notifications
  • Making push notifications more personal
  • Tracking push notifications performance
  • Developer dos and don’ts for push notifications

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