Turn Inactive Users Into Loyal Users with Reengagement

January 11, 2013
Regina Chen
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This week, we’re launching a new type of campaign in AppCircle: Reengagement. Reengagement ads are shown to users who have already downloaded your app, but haven’t used it in a while.  Our data has shown that while the average user downloads more than 85 apps on to their device, the average app loses nearly 90% of all its users within 3 months – which why we created AppCircle Reengagement to help you retarget those users and drive user activity after the initial download.

Reengagement campaigns allow you to target ads towards users who have been inactive for a customizable minimum time period– for example, you could target users who haven’t used your app in 2 weeks.  You also have the option to set the minimum app version if you don’t want to target users of older versions.  

When creating a reengagement campaign, your creative should prompt users to come back to your app with an engaging message.  You could ask them to complete a task or inform them of new levels and features in your app.  You can also incentivize users to come back by giving them a coupon code that they can redeem for items in your store.   When a user clicks on the ad, it will launch your app via a custom URL that you specify. 

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Glu Mobile, the publisher of Guitar Hero and Deer Hunter, has used Reengagement to increase engagement and spend in their Gun Bros app. The campaign targeted inactive users by encouraging them to try out new features and content that have been added to the game since their last visit. Statistically, returning users who are familiar with an app turn into highly loyal customers, and this was the case for Gun Bros. Compared to the average user, those activated by Reengagement ads were 77% more likely to make an in-app purchase and made 2.6 times as many purchases. With impressive results like these, Glu achieved a 230% ROI from the campaign. Learn more about Glu’s success with AppCircle Reengagement here

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To set up your own Reengagement campaign, access Ad Setup through the Advertiser Tab. Under the Retargeting subtab, you will find Reengagement in Campaign Type. Select your Application (if you haven’t already done so, you will need to set up the app under the Applications tab) and enter your App Store ID. For the best results, select Optimized under Targeting to allow Flurry’s proprietary optimizer to dynamically adjust your campaign settings. However, if you want to set your own targeting parameters, select Manual to customize. Once you have entered your Budget and Delivery preferences, you will be able to Save your campaign settings for activation at a later date or use Save & Activate to send the campaign to our Ad Ops team for approval. You will be notified once your campaign has been set to live (usually within a few hours). That’s it! You are now ready to turn those inactive users into loyal and valuable customers.

Let us know if we can help. Email us at support@flurry.com if you have any questions. 

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