Custom Dashboards - Take Control of Your Flurry Experience

May 9, 2012
Brad Jones
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From the time we launched Analytics more than three years ago, Flurry has consistently added great new features, views and metrics.  We introduced Custom Dashboards just over a month ago to help you take control of your experience within Flurry Analytics and focus on the metrics that matter most to you. In this post, we offer an overview of what this flexible new tool can do for you, and how to best unlock its power.

Dashboards are made up a combination of half-width and full-width widgets. These widgets allow you to select the metrics you want to see and how you want to see them. You can combine up to 5 content items into a single widget and toggle between them. Arranging the widgets is made easy with drag-and-drop, so you can experiment and find the arrangement that is best for you.

In addition to individual users being able to create personal dashboards, admins within your company can create company-wide dashboards.  Company-wide Dashboards appear for every user within the company, below the list of dashboards they have created for their personal use.  This is a great way to focus everyone in the company on the same metrics and execute on common goals.  From what we have seen, this useful tool has been very popular with larger teams.

With a recent release, we added a new dashboard type, the App-Specific Dashboard.  App-Specific Dashboards appear in the navigation only when viewing the app to which they relate. When you include information specific to an app, such as Events, in a dashboard, we automatically mark the dashboard as specific to that project. Using this checkbox is also a great way to setup a dashboard for apps that have a collection of critical metrics different from other apps.

If there are things you think would make Custom Dashboards even better, we always appreciate your feedback.  Let us know what you think at