New Flurry SDK Available for iPhone OS 4.0 (iOS)

June 15, 2010
Peter Farago
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Dear Developers,

As promised, Flurry is making available a modified version of its SDK based on its interpretation of the updatd iPhone Developer Program License Agreement (PLA).  This version of the Flurry SDK is compatible with XCode 3.2.3 and designed for OS 4.0 (iOS) applications.

In this version of the Flurry SDK, we modified which data is collected. This updated SDK version does not collect the following device data: device name, operating system version and firmware version. Because Apple allows the collection of UDID for the purpose of advertising, we continue to collect this data as the Flurry SDK includes AppCircle, Flurry's mobile advertising solution.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback about the SDK at  As always, we welcome your input. 

You can download this latest Flurry SDK here.