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Since the beginning of the mobile revolution, over 170,000 developers have trusted Flurry to track over 540,000 apps. Integrate Flurry Analytics in five minutes to get basic insights into your users and app performance, or set up advanced analysis of complex events to get a deep understanding of everything your users are doing. From initial launch to the top of the charts, Flurry Analytics is free at any scale and available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and mobile web. 

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Measure Behavior

Events are Flurry’s way of measuring actions, and they are the foundation for understanding what your customers do in your app. Track every menu tap, level completion, and purchase to optimize the customer experience. Go one level deeper and capture even more detail, such as purchase type or quantity with Event Parameters. Dive deeper into your Events with User Paths, Funnels, and Segments.

Understand the User Path

Are your customers progressing as you hoped they would? Is level 3 too hard? Is the menu easy to navigate? Answer these questions by exploring User Paths, which show you how customers move through Events. Identify any hiccups in the flow and make sure the user experience is a good one.

Optimize Conversions

Easily create Funnels to measure conversion through any series of steps you’d like consumers to complete, such as making purchases, completing tutorials, or advancing through levels in a game. Funnels calculate for all of your historical data, so you can create them at any time.

Segment Powerfully

Use Segments to dive deeper into the behavior of users that matter to you — from Purchasers to Females to Canadians. Create a Segment based on any combination of factors, including Events, to understand how different types of customers use your app. If we track it, you can turn it into a Segment.

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Big Data Means Big Insights

Benchmark Your App

See how you’re performing versus the competition with category-level benchmarks not available anywhere else. Because Flurry tracks half a million apps, we can benchmark your app’s Session Length, Frequency of Use, and Retention. Compare your app to those in any app store category.

Understand Demographics (Even if you Don't Track Them)

Flurry can estimate key demographics for your app, such as age and gender, even if your app doesn’t collect this information. Understand who your audience is, so you know who to target. Learn how different users engage with your app, and develop the profile of your most valuable customers.

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Learn even more about your customers through Flurry Personas. Personas are psychographic profiles based on user actions across apps. Understand if your customers are Social Gamers, Fashionistas, or New Mothers.


Business Professionals
Personal Finance Geeks
Real Estate Follower
Small Business Owner


Business Travelers
Flight Intenders
Leisure Travelers


Catalog Shoppers
In-app Purchasers
Mobile Payment Makers
Value Shoppers


Sports Fans
Avid Runners
American Football Fans


Casual and Social Gamers
Entertainment Enthusiasts
Hardcore/Midcore Gamers
Movie Lovers
Music Lovers
News and Magazine Readers
Slots Players
TV Lovers


American Football  
Auto Enthusiasts
Avid Runners
Engineering Enthusiasts
Food & Dining Lovers
Health & Fitness Enthusiasts
High Net-Worth Individuals
Home & Garden Pros
New Mothers
Parenting & Education
Pet Owners
Photo & Video Enthusiasts
Social Influencer
Spanish Speakers
Sports Fans
Tech & Gadget Enthusiasts

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Optimize Your App Portfolio

Understand growth across your entire portfolio of apps. Flurry provides a view into your total unique users, cross-usage of apps, and app-to-app conversions. It’s all automatic when you integrate Flurry Analytics into all of your apps.

Crash Analytics

Let’s face it. Even after rigorous testing, your app can crash out in the wild. Crash Analytics within Flurry Analytics identifies issues quickly and helps you investigate the cause so you can deliver a solution as fast as possible. Better apps increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.


User Acquisition Analytics

Optimize App Traffic & Maximize Marketing ROI,
Completely for Free

Maximize your marketing ROI with analytics. Flurry User Acquisition Analytics (UAA) empowers app marketers to optimize traffic acquisition spending across marketing channels, including mobile ad networks, mobile web, and email campaigns.

Beyond simply tracking impressions, clicks, and installs, UAA lets you measure the quality of acquired users based on how they engage with your app, their demographics, and whether they eventually spend money. UAA is easy to use and powerfully presents campaign and channel performance in one centralized dashboard. Track your campaigns across the major networks.

Analyze at the Campaign Level

Flurry User Acquisition Analytics is built on top of Flurry Analytics. This means that you can deeply analyze your acquired users with all of the features in Flurry Analytics. Look closely at their retention, demographics, geography, and more. Use this knowledge to measure which channels and campaigns deliver the highest quality users.

Customize User Quality (However You Define it)

With Flurry UAA, you define what user quality means. Set a quality metric for a campaign and, after acquiring traffic, Flurry will measure how well it delivered your desired user. Whether you’re targeting users who complete purchases within one day of launching an app, or males 18-34 in Europe, Flurry makes it possible to measure quality based on how you define it.

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