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Flurry helps leading brands and agencies connect with consumers on smartphones and tablets. Our solutions let marketers target their desired audience and measure the impact of mobile campaigns. We take a highly consultative approach and tailor each campaign to meet your marketing objective. 

Flurry serves video, banner and interstitial ads, using the most advanced targeting technology in mobile today.

Philosophy: Mobile is Personal, Ads Should be Too

At 2 hours and 39 minutes per day, mobile is second only to TV in terms of time spent, and smartphones and tablets are the most personal devices people own. Consumers spend 86% of their mobile time in apps, doing everything from reading news to booking hotels to playing games. Apps tell a rich story about who a person is and offer strong signals about consumer interests.

Connecting the Dots Across 540,000 Apps

Flurry draws in data from the app usage of 1.4 billion devices across 540,000 apps — that's 1/3 of all app activity. Unlike the web, apps exist in silos and it’s a challenge to see consumer behavior across apps. Knowing a person uses a shopping app becomes a much more valuable data point if you also know they over-index in their use of parenting apps. Because Flurry sees an average of 7 apps per device on over 90% of the world’s devices, we are able to paint a rich picture about a person’s interests based on the apps they use. It’s a unique vantage point that no other company can claim.  

The Power of the Action Graph

Flurry uses this data advantage to help advertisers pinpoint and reach the right mobile consumers with a relevant message, at scale. Here's how it works:


Flurry Personas: Behavioral Audience Groups Based on Real App Use

Flurry Personas are targetable groups of consumers with shared interests based on their use of apps.

How Flurry Builds Personas

Flurry Personas

In addition to age and gender data, Flurry Marketplace partners can target using 40 Personas available out of the box.


Business Professionals
Personal Finance Geeks
Real Estate Follower
Small Business Owner


Business Travelers
Flight Intenders
Leisure Travelers


Catalog Shoppers
In-app Purchasers
Mobile Payment Makers
Value Shoppers


Sports Fans
Avid Runners
American Football Fans


Casual and Social Gamers
Entertainment Enthusiasts
Hardcore/Midcore Gamers
Movie Lovers
Music Lovers
News and Magazine Readers
Slots Players
TV Lovers


American Football  
Auto Enthusiasts
Avid Runners
Engineering Enthusiasts
Food & Dining Lovers
Health & Fitness Enthusiasts
High Net-Worth Individuals
Home & Garden Pros
New Mothers
Parenting & Education
Pet Owners
Photo & Video Enthusiasts
Social Influencer
Spanish Speakers
Sports Fans
Tech & Gadget Enthusiasts

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builds Personas

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Take Flurry Personas a Step Further

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for in our out of the box Personas? Flurry can further refine Personas to meet your audience targeting needs.

Custom Personas

Using behavioral data, we have built the following Custom Personas for major national brand advertisers.

Enhanced Personas

Flurry has partnered with Research Now to create Enhanced Personas. Enhanced Personas leverage hundreds of offline data points from Research Now, such as household income, number of children, and travel preferences. We combine these signals with Flurry's app data to further increase your ability to target. Example offline data points include:

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Put Flurry’s Data to Work for Your Campaign

Flurry can reach the right consumers using interest, gender, age, language, device, operating system, and/or Persona signals.

Marketing Objective Age & Gender Targeting Flurry Persona Targeting
Romantic Comedy Movie Release Women 18-24 Fashonista, Singles, Entertainment Enthusiasts
Launch Entry Level Sports Coupe Men 18-34 Auto Enthusiasts, Households Without Children
Introduce New Floor Cleaning Solutions Women 25-54 Parenting & Education, Value Shoppers, Home & Garden Pros, Mothers, HHI 100K+
Promote Summer Travel Package All 25+ Value Shoppers, Food & Dining Lovers, Leisure Travelers
Launch Business News App All 35+ News & Magazine Readers, Travelers, Business Professionals, Social Influencers


Engage with Video

Video ads educate your target audience and engage them to take action better than any other ad format. Flurry delivers non-skippable, high-quality video ads, giving the consumer a visually appealing reason to watch your ad all the way to the end. Customizable full-screen end cards cement the call to action and get results.

Buy from Flurry’s Network or Across Exchanges

Flurry buys impressions programmatically across diverse, premium supply sources, including the Flurry Network. This allows advertisers to pinpoint and reach their audience among hundreds of millions of consumers around the world.

Machine Learning Algorithms Increase ROI and Engagement

Flurry learns and adjusts each campaign’s bidding strategy based on factors like audience engagement and conversion. For example, if an airline is targeting Flight Intenders and Flurry learns during the campaign that Flight Intenders aged 18-35 engage with the ad more than other Flight Intenders, Flurry’s algorithms will optimize the bidding strategy to focus on those high value consumers.


In-App Mobile Ad Effectiveness Studies

In partnership with Research Now, Flurry offers an industry-leading measurement solution for evaluating the effectiveness of in-app mobile advertising. Flurry’s data app usage combined with Research Now’s survey panel of more than 6.5 million consumers and business professionals worldwide is unique in the industry. Research Now has built a reputation for delivering the highest quality, hard-to-reach survey respondents through its proven “By-Invitation-Only” recruiting model.

How it Works

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measures mobile ad effectiveness

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Identify your Most Valuable Customers, then Re-Engage Them

Flurry has built unique profiles on more than 1.4 billion devices worldwide so we can re-target your lapsed users based on a device ID, or re-engage consumers we’ve identified as highly valuable based on Flurry data.

Re-engaged consumers use apps
up to 7X more and make up to
2.6X more purchases

Locate and Target Specific Device IDs

With Flurry ID Retargeting, you can target a specific group of your users and drive them back into your mobile app or mobile website. You provide a list of the device IDs of the users you’d like to reach and the URL you’d like to deep link them to. Flurry finds them and displays your custom ad that, when clicked, takes the user straight into your application or to your mobile website. It’s that simple.

Re-target based on:


Target high value users (e.g. Purchasers) and bring them back to the app.


Locate users who have fallen out of the funnel and entice them back to complete conversion.


Identify users who have made a purchase on your mobile website but not in your app, and serve them an offer to do so. Get them engaged across platforms.

Put ID Retargeting to work for you

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Flurry Re-Engagement

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Consumers who watch a video ad are highly qualified and engaged when they take the call to action to install an app, visit a website to learn more or make a purchase. Don’t have your own video assets? Flurry can produce a professional, compelling video ad for you.


Flurry can use your existing creative or we’ll create an ad for you. Flurry’s in-house designers can create banner and interstitial ads that maximize consumer interaction, maintain brand consistency and deliver results.  


Ad format Description
Image JPG, PNG or GIF (banner only), <500KB
Video 10-30 secs, MP4 or MOV, <4MB, Requires pre-view and
post-view (optional for click to web campaigns) images
(supports interstitial sizes)
App Store Uses: externally hosted, e.g. DFA, Atlas App Store assets
in Flurry ad template
Re-Engagement Uses App Store assets in Flurry ad template
HTML Externally hosted, e.g. DFA, Atlas
MRAID Externally hosted, e.g. Celtra, Crisp, Medialets, Phluant